Welcome To Pneuma Christian Church
Pneuma Christian Church is a non-denominational ministry and presents no denomination biases or traditions. Only The Bible is taught as The Infallible Word of God which can give eternal life, build faith, stir hope, and teach us God’s Ways and God’s Character. At PCC, The Word of God is taught as GOD’S UNCOMPROMISING TRUTH without apologies or excuses, and that it must be applied to all aspects of our lives to produce the changes within us that are required by The Lord.
Pneuma Bible Institute
Pneuma Bible Institute is an institution of higher learning, accredited with Accrediting Commission International. You may earn an Associate’s, a Bachelor’s, or a Master’s Degree, or a one-year certificate in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Christian Counseling. You may also take courses of interest to you if you are not planning to obtain a degree or certificate. We offer several seminars throughout the year where you may learn interesting Bible subjects. The seminar dates and times will be posted on our website.